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Ethos - Strawberry Crispy Treats - 60ml

  • $ 2999

Strawberry Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors is a delicious gooey strawberry infused crispy treat dessert. Delicious gooey marshmallow mashed into a crispy treat that is infused with strawberry is what you’ll be vaping with Strawberry Crispy Treats E Liquid. The inhale is a savory gooey marshmallow inhale with notes of crispy dessert infused with strawberry pieces. The strawberry flavoring is a ripe strawberry flavoring that bursts with taste. The exhale is a smooth almost creamy marshmallow with a hint of strawberry that stays at the top of your tongue. The flavors are mellow for the most part and make for a great all day vape, especially if you love marshmallow vapes.

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