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Coil Master Set

Coil Master Set

  • $ 1299

Introducing the Authentic Kuro Koiler CW Winders by Kuro concepts, a wire coiling tool that will gives you a perfect wrapped coil with easy efforts!

The difference between the three colors or CW is the diameter size of the coils.

CW-20 makes 2mm coil.

CW-25 makes 2.5mm coils.

CW-30 does the 3mm coils.

It can accommodate 20 to 28 gauge and accepts different kind of coils such as Twisted, Clapton and Parallel

With its small size, you can carry it around anywhere with you and perfect for on-the-go!

It is very easy to use by inserting the Kanthal A1 wire through the hole and engages the winder and then turn. Yes, it is that fast and easy. Now you do not have to worry about the uneven spaced coils anymore!

Kuro Koiler CW Winders by Kuro concepts Features:

  • Made out of 6061 aluminum, anodized and laser etched
  • Replaceable shaft made out of 316 Stainless Steel
  • Light weight, perfect on-the-go
  • 3 colors that come with different coil size

Directions on how to use this product:

  1. Make sure that you insert the socket screw into the appropriate hole 
    1. Use hole #1 for 26 to 28 gauge wire 
    2. Use hole #2 for 20 to 24 gauge wire
  2. Insert wire through the hole on the side of the handle (closest to the top of the Koiler). Since the hole is angled, you can easily slide the wire through with no difficulty.
  3. Now you can wrap the wire through the back of the shaft. Then slide the top cap and turn it clockwise.
  4. Once you feel like that it reaches the right amount of wraps, you can remove the top cap and you will see a nicely wrapped coil.
  5. After you remove the top cap, you can remove the wire in the feed hole slow up and slide up the wrapped coil. That’s it!

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